Welcome to Exploretic!

A place where thoughts are spilled over tea, science fact will reign over science fiction and where explorations of people, places and things will inform, evoke and enlighten. In no particular order, or fashion.

An assortment of content curated to inspire exploration of the world.

With a background in science, I am committed to communicating science to help people understand it in an accessible and meaningful way. And having an interest in people, societies and the world’s cultures and landscapes, I would also like to explore and share information about these topics as well.

I have a PhD in medical science from the University of Toronto where I specialized in cancer biology/oncology and cell and molecular biology. 

With a Canadian birth certificate and Pakistani blood, I love being able to bring together aspects of both cultures and build an identity that is uniquely me. 

In addition to my love for exploring the world’s, science, nature and cultures, I like to think, write and speak — hopefully in that order. And so I’m ultimately here as a communicator.

Here’s hoping you enjoy what I come to communicate!


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